The Beauchamp Arms

As most of you will be aware, John and Linda are retiring as tenants of the Beauchamp Arms. They have been part of this community for almost twenty years, and they really will be missed, but one thing is certain: everyone wishes them all the best for their future.

The Covid-19 pandemic did them, and millions of others, no favours whatsoever. Like many others they have had to take stock and make decisions regarding the rest of their lives, because all of us have had to learn the hard lesson that we cannot guarantee what tomorrow will bring.

The restrictions imposed on us all, because of the need to control the virus, has meant that many businesses have suffered badly, and the pub has been one of them. Dymock Parish Council, fully aware of this, substantially reduced the rent asked of them, but with its duty to the community and its fiscal responsibilities enshrined in law, could only do so much. It has some reserves, but these can only be used under the strictest of rules which councillors cannot breach.

Hopefully, with the vaccine programme now going better than anyone ever anticipated, some new form of normality will shortly emerge and allow businesses to start thriving once again. It’s with this in mind that the parish council has engaged the services of an agent to find suitable replacements for John and Linda. It’s doubtful that we will find another couple with all the skills and personality they possess, but if they’re willing and made of the right stuff, Dymock will help them learn.

Rest assured, none of us want to see Dymock without a pub and we plan to continue doing all in our power to safeguard its future.

Dymock Parish Council

Published in Windcross Magazine – April 2021